Senior Pet Care Program

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Our Senior Pet Care Program at Beautiful Hearts Rescue embraces the unique bond between seniors and their cherished pets. Our program recognizes the special needs that come with being a senior pet owner. We acknowledge that the costs associated with pet care can sometimes become a burden for our elder community members. 

If you’re having trouble paying for vaccinations, food, and veterinary care for your pet, our team at Beautiful Hearts Rescue is here to assist you. In collaboration with local ADRCs and Meals On Wheels program, we aim to ease the financial strain on seniors, making sure that the companionship they share with their pets remains a source of joy rather than worry. 

We will help you every step of the way with veterinary visits, connecting you with suitable healthcare providers if needed, and making sure your pet receives the necessary vaccinations. For those without a designated veterinarian, we can assist in finding a caring professional for your furry friend. 

Moreover, we understand that providing the right nutrition is essential. Through our program, we ensure that your pet has access to the appropriate pet food, meeting their dietary needs. Understanding the challenges some seniors face in leaving their homes, our team can even come to you. 

At Beautiful Hearts Rescue our Senior Pet Care Program is offered at no cost to qualifying seniors. We’re here to support the community to make sure we have happy, healthy animals and community members. 

Contact our Beautiful Hearts Rescue team today to learn more about our Senior Pet Care Program in Washburn County, WI.